CEO & Founder

Robin Brees

Hi, I’m Robin Brees! The CEO & Founder of Extra-vert Tea! My whole life, I have been called outgoing, friendly, extrovert, talkative, Jesus Freak, etc. I am also very ✨EXTRA✨ and so I decided to combine the words “extra” and “extrovert” to equal “Extra-vert!”
I have always loved tea and wanted a business so what better way to combine those two passions! I also struggle with my mental health and want others to know that they’re not alone in their struggles! So a portion of net profits go towards helping others afford faith based counseling!
Faith-based counseling has changed my perspective of life and has helped me grow in my relationship with God! I am aware that counseling can be very costly and I don’t want lack of finances getting in the way of seeking help! 

You’re Never Alone and Jesus is ALWAYS with you! You’re NEVER too far gone!

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