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Extra-vert tea is the perfect blend of faith and tea. As a female-owned business, we are especially proud to offer customers a chance to enjoy delicious tea and support faith-based counseling at the same time. Our business was established with the intention of providing high-quality tea and making a positive impact on the world.
We stand out with our commitment to providing customers with the utmost level of convenience, quality, and flavor. We want to make tea-making accessible and enjoyable to all, offering a selection of teas that can be delivered directly to your door, so customers are never without a warm cup of tea for long. All of the teas, including our Not to Be Basic Black Tea, Mint Condition Spearmint, and tea bags, have been especially created to accommodate different needs and elevate tea-drinking experiences.
The teas are made of high-quality leaves and flowers and have no artificial flavors or preservatives, enabling customers to enjoy a wholesome, delicious tea without any guilt! The best part is that the teas are accessible and can be brewed the traditional way or with an infuser, allowing customers to customize each tea-drinking experience to their preferences and mood.
At Extra-vert Tea, we understand the power of tea and its ability to enhance life experiences. We take immense pride in providing customers with a unique and special tea experience every time. With our delicious teas and commitment to quality, we are intent on helping others appreciate the art of tea-drinking.

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